A positive culture for self employed tradies



Whether by choice or necessity, we become a self employed business owner for the freedom of doing things our way. It's great to enjoy what you do for living which usually why we became a tradie.


The flip side is that being self employed can  be a lonely and overwhelming pursuit that can turn into burn out.

The freedom and enjoyment of being a tradie can slowly disappear once we become self employed.

It would be great to be a well paid employee with a great company that allows a lot of flexibility and support. Unfortunately that's rare or impossible as a tradie. Tradies can't work from home either. 

As a self employed tradie, getting good support and guidance is invaluable but hard to find. 


"Happytradie.com is about creating a positive environment for self employed tradies backed up wth genuine support"



With 25 years being a Sydney based plumber and heavily involved in the industry I've seen and experienced lot. I've learned a thing or two and enjoy sharing it.

I've had times where I loved being a tradie and being self employed and times where I've despised it.

But I've always asked the  question,  what makes a happy tradie?

​I officially began the journey of being a self employed plumber at 24. Starting up and running businesses, being an employee, a contractor and a business consultant has given me a lot of enjoyment and a unique understanding.


When your head's in a good place everyone wins.

Things don't have to be complicated and with the right environment things can be more positive and less stressful. 

It's that philosophy that drives what I do.



REMEMBER that your mind is a lot like a muscle. If it's strained, working it harder won't help. You need to rest it, go easy and find better ways.

If you're mentally struggling and don't know who to turn to, I recommend getting onto any of the many amazing free services and helplines available this includes:

Reachout www.reachout.com, Mens Line Australia www.mensline.org, Beyond Blue www.beyondblue.org.au, Black Dog Institute www.blackdoginstitute.org.au, New Access for business help which is by Beyond Blue 

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